And Nicole Vecchiarelli and Andrea Oliveri, the founders of an agency called Special Projects, are here to celebrify them. Read article



Big names don’t move issues like they used to, opening up opportunities for new and unexpected faces that make bold statements. Read article




Special Projects’ Nicole Vecchiarelli and Andrea Oliveri are quickly gaining steam for their lists.


They’re a new generation of event planners who can put together an intimate cocktail party for Town and Country but also spearhead Kanye West’s album listening party in Jackson Hole. Read article



We’re bringing you a meet-cute, a pseudo-breakup, and the full story of a thriving bi-coastal relationship on the podcast today. We're chatting with Andrea Oliveri and Nicole Vecchiarelli, co-founders of Special Projects, all-around work-wife powerhouses with tons of advice on making their professional relationship hum and juggling the tough stuff in between. Read article